If not now, when will you do it?

Over the years I have spent so many hours, days, months, and yes years, wasting time.  Planning but not taking action.  

A diet could not start because I wanted to wait until after the holidays.

I could not try a new sport or activity because I was not in shape.

The list could go on.

one day I finally had enough, why was I not enjoying my life? Why was I waiting.  Did I want to die with so many regrets?

That was when I started to take action, even on my own. I met new people who became good friends and I got into shape while doing fun activities.  The people I met doing activities were not all skinny jocks but normal people.  All shapes and sizes and abilities.

what I have learned if if you don’t do something now, when will you do it? Because there will always be an excuse not to.

I am scared of lettuce

Do you have a food that even thinking of it makes you cringe or want to run? I do.

Image by lipefontes0 from Pixabay

I had a bad experience once, I ate a chicken Caesar salad.  It was delicious while I was eating it, but I reacted badly to the lettuce.  I know for sure it was the lettuce and not the chicken. Sorry to be graphic but it felt like razor blades going through my digestive system.

From that point on I cannot look at salad the same way.  Even the word salad brings back bad memories.

This is wrong.  Not all salads have to have lettuce, I can live without eating it.  But salad is a whole type of food.

In order to eat healthy I decided to let go of my fear and remove the association I had of lettuce with salad.  Now when I think of salads I think, grated carrots, chopped cucumber, lots of other vegetables, with possibly some fruit.

Image by TheAndrasBarta from Pixabay

I realised that we can sometimes get stuck with a preconceived thought about something, it is our decision to let that hold us back or to free ourselves from it and change how we think.

As with all change it can take time, every time I thought about salads I had to remind myself that salad does not have to have lettuce.  Now I can think of salads, in fact I really would like to try a brussels sprout salad.

Is there any food that you have preconceived notions of?  Can you change how you thing of it?