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Instant Gratification

Instant success

We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm.  Buy the latest gear and you will look cool.  Fashion changes yearly so you must buy the latest designs or everyone will know you bought that outfit last season, or worse, last year!

Weight loss can be the same.

Why wait to eat what you want, eat everything now!

I want to lose weight, I will take a pill and magically wake up thin.

We know that that is not true but some people convince themselves that there is a quick way to lose weight and if they just find it they will get off the weight loss rollercoaster and become thin forever.

In reality they are trapped in the yo-yo diet, losing weight they ballooning back up.

I was one of the few that didn’t even get to do that, I became large and stayed that way, the smallest I could get was a size 20. I know many people who could get down to a 14 or 12.  They live on those moments.

But why can they not maintain?

They return to their normal habits and eat what they want to feel great, because instant gratification is ok when you are a normal size, right?

At any size we need to look at how we think about food.  Why do we have bad habits.  

We all have bad habits

I have some bad habits but by looking at the why I started to change how I look at food.

Food is no longer just something to enjoy but much more.  I can enjoy food but need to remember that it is fuel for my body.  If I eat foods that do not give me the energy to do all the activity I need or want to do each day then I cannot get everything I want done.  I feel exhausted by the end of the day.

If I eat foods that give my body energy, not instant energy but consistent, long term energy then I can do more activity.  I feel great in the evening instead of ready to climb into bed and go to sleep when I get in the door.

It all starts with our thoughts.  Changing how we think of food changes food habits.

It is not always easy but it is worth it.

Imagine, not struggling to be your body’s ideal weight.

You are worth it!

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Clear out those clothes

When you are large a lot of people want to give you advice on how to lose weight, but for me a lot of it was not practical.  Some plain odd.

A friend did give me some great advice and it was because she had lost weight, but it was not how to lose weight.  Or what exercise to try, it was something that stuck with me and really helped.

She said that as you lose weight get rid of all your big clothes.  Then it is more of an incentive to keep the weight off.

I was travelling a lot as I was losing the weight so I started off well.  Clearing my wardrobe every month.

I had kept 9 large boxes of clothes of all different sizes and over the years had organised them into sizes, so each month I would open the largest size clothes box and try on clothes.

It was such a high!

Then I would go through my wardrobe and put in a bag (or 3, or more) clothes that were too big.

Many trips to the charity shop was made and I still have bags of clothes to go out.

The feeling you get the day you can shop in a normal sized clothes shop is amazing.  You end up starting to shop, shop, shop.  Picking something off the rack and buying it without trying it on is not a gamble anymore.  

It can be difficult to pull back especially when you buy something you really love but then only get to wear it twice before it is too big.

For clothes that you really love, getting them altered to fit your new size allows you to keep them and get more use from them.  Anything that is too big, remove from your closet as soon as you can.  It can be useful to keep one outfit in your largest size but you don’t have to keep it all.

Celebrate being your new shape and size, wear clothes that fit and that you love!

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When I am thin I am going to…

I said this so often, not living a full life, doing what I wanted because I was waiting to live when I had lost the extra weight.

Life will be so much better when I am thinner.

For many long years I told myself this, I did not do the activities I wanted, and mostly stayed at home.

Life will be better when I am thinner.

I found myself repeating it often.  The only hope. It was like looking through a keyhole at another world.  

A world I wanted to belong to but could not reach no matter how many diets I went on.

I had lost about 14 to 20 pounds out of the 160 I needed to lose when I was told to stop waiting, live now!


I was told, “Why wait until you are thin, travel, do the activities you want now.”  

I was sent to Washington DC for work, I took an evening off and went on a walking tour, then walked around the city.  I went out with work colleagues for dinner, and had a great time.

I lost weight.

The more I started doing the activities I wanted the more I enjoyed life and the more the weight fell off.

Why wait?

Live now, enjoy life!