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Happiness was in food

Life was so depressing, the only thing I found happiness in was food and shoes, maybe handbags.  I would not really look at myself in the mirror, too depressing.

I was afraid to eat in public, people might, and did make comments.  You should not eat that, do you really need it, that is your choice.  

How can people thing that I was happy?  

I was smiling.  All the time.

Each evening I would come home and eat happiness.  Food was where I found comfort, friendship and happiness.

When the meal was done, I was back to being sad.  I felt tied to food, bound by it.

That cannot go on forever.  I deserve to be happy.

Food issues are what held me back.  What are they? 

They are subconscious thoughts that we hold that keep us from making good, permanent changes that will help us to succeed.  Change.

Things we are told or seen or experience as children affect us as adults.

Something as simple as “eat everything, there are starving children in the world who would appreciate it” can make us think we MUST eat everything on our plates, whether we want it or not.

Not being able to eat what we want then as adults rebelling and eating everything we were banned from as children.

Or it could be that we had such wonderful moments at family gatherings eating cake and other party treats that when we eat those things as adults we still remember and feel those feelings.  Happiness.

Would I rather be large and find comfort in food, or be a normal size and possibly be happy all the time?

I sat down one day and decided to start looking at my issues, what were all the thoughts that I had when I thought of certain foods?

Where did those thoughts come from?

This did not take 5 minutes, but was a journey that lasted a few months but was so worth it.

I am not tied to food as I used to be.  I love eating but I make healthy choices and still have a little of the naughty foods but everything is in balance.

I am not anything special, I just found the tools that helped me to break the bonds of issues.    

Learn more about what tools I used on this free 5 day program 

You are worth it!

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Clear out those clothes

When you are large a lot of people want to give you advice on how to lose weight, but for me a lot of it was not practical.  Some plain odd.

A friend did give me some great advice and it was because she had lost weight, but it was not how to lose weight.  Or what exercise to try, it was something that stuck with me and really helped.

She said that as you lose weight get rid of all your big clothes.  Then it is more of an incentive to keep the weight off.

I was travelling a lot as I was losing the weight so I started off well.  Clearing my wardrobe every month.

I had kept 9 large boxes of clothes of all different sizes and over the years had organised them into sizes, so each month I would open the largest size clothes box and try on clothes.

It was such a high!

Then I would go through my wardrobe and put in a bag (or 3, or more) clothes that were too big.

Many trips to the charity shop was made and I still have bags of clothes to go out.

The feeling you get the day you can shop in a normal sized clothes shop is amazing.  You end up starting to shop, shop, shop.  Picking something off the rack and buying it without trying it on is not a gamble anymore.  

It can be difficult to pull back especially when you buy something you really love but then only get to wear it twice before it is too big.

For clothes that you really love, getting them altered to fit your new size allows you to keep them and get more use from them.  Anything that is too big, remove from your closet as soon as you can.  It can be useful to keep one outfit in your largest size but you don’t have to keep it all.

Celebrate being your new shape and size, wear clothes that fit and that you love!

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Keeping Active During Social Distancing

During this time of Social Distancing, we can feel isolated and stressed, returning to old habits.

Sitting on the sofa watching tv, eating sweets and comfort food.  Staying indoors with our pajamas or sweats on. Doing our hair becomes rare.

The pounds increase as well as our unhappiness.

I have been tempted.

My first full week working at home I started the week out with a tight deadline, having to sit on my sofa working all day, barely taking breaks.  Hoping that I could meet the deadline even when nothing went right and it was a struggle to get technology to cooperate.

I did get dressed each day in business clothes.  No makeup.

By Tuesday evening I was tired and stressed, I did not last long.  I ate the Pringles I had and was looking for sweets and snack food.

I could have popped to the grocery store, as we know popped is not the term we can use these days, I could have stood in a long queue 2 meters away from everyone else waiting to be let into the shop.  Only allowed to buy a maximum of 3 of any item.

My rule of no sweets unless I have exercised was falling away.

Old habit returning.

Since we are allowed to leave the house to exercise once a day at the moment, I got up Wednesday morning and went out for a run.  I was in a grumpy mood but as I ran, ok jogged very slowly. My mood improved.

Most people I talk with say that it is easier to do exercise if you have to go to a class or meet up with people, that is a bit hard right now, isn’t it?

It is easy to say that we are isolated and alone.  Poor us, we can’t go out and have to sit and watch tv or read.


We are in the 21st Century.

We can still meet up with people to exercise, just not in person, a virtual class.

So many people are offering exercise classes on Facebook, their websites, YouTube.  We can try new types of workouts, without the horror of doing it in front of a group of people, like a friend who took a class a few years ago and fell, taking out two other people with her.

I started out too embarrassed to join in classes in case I could not keep up.

No fear of that if I can do a class in my living room.  My cats are the only ones judging, and they are usually looking at me strangely if I am not paying attention to them or getting them food, so no difference there then.

I am sharing links to trainers with online classes, so try them out, you could be choosing the same class as me and we can do the class together in our respective homes.

When you try a class post what you thought of it on my Facebook page.