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Weight loss success starts with a change in mindset

Diet, lose weight, then stop dieting and the weight comes back, or worse, you can never get to your target weight.

I went through the same thing, until I changed how I thought about weight loss.  Got rid of my old thoughts and replaced them with ones that worked.  The weight slid off and no weight gain, maintaining is now easy for me.

Learn what I did.

You are worth it

  • Our thoughts can hold us back from losing weight
  • We need to let go of the thoughts that are holding us back 
  • Once our thoughts change our habits change

How can this course help you?

  • Learn how to find out what thoughts are holding you back
  • Look at techniques to release them
  • What thoughts can we replace them with to look at weight loss in a different way

Why can I help you?

I have trained adults around the world for over 20 years. For over 10 of those I was morbidly obese, trying diet after diet.

After surgery a bit of weight came off but that soon slowed and stopped. My Bariatric team helped me to shake up my routine which changed my weight loss, I discovered that it was my thoughts and how I acted towards weight loss that kept the weight on. As soon as I let go of my issues and changed how I thought about weight loss my habits changed and the weight no only came off but I now do not struggle to maintain a normal size.

If I can do it, you can too.



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