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Are all calories equal?

On most diets I have been on calories was talked about, you can have xxx number of calories each day.  But are calories as important as some believe?

How are calories calculated?

There are a few ways to calculate calories.  The original way was to put food in a container which is put into water, electrical current is put through the container with the food until it burned and the rate the temperature of the water increases creates the calorie amount.  The 2nd method is to take averages for the nutrients within the food to create a total number of calories.


Bread Taste Chocolate Butter
jackmac34 / Pixabay

Compare a chocolate bar with an egg salad sandwich of the same calorie amount.

Which is better fuel in the long run for your body?

Which gives you more nutritional value?

The egg salad sandwich.

Things may have the same calories but they are probably not going to be as good fuel for your body.

When deciding on what you are going to eat think not about calories but more about nutritional value.

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Wellbeing includes how you look

Our wellbeing includes how we look, as in the clothes we wear, skin care, hair and all aspects of our appearance.  When I was large I would make sure I looked neat and tidy but did not feel I could look great.

As I started to lose weight I started to try on clothes that had shape, rather than the tents I used to wear. When I wore clothes I felt good in and that I looked good in I would feel happier.

If you are like I was then start small.  What colours make you look great? Some colours make our skin look better other colours can wash us out.  When you find out what colours are your colours you can go through your wardobe to see what items are the colours that suite you best.

Next find out what your body shape is and what clothes are recomended to complement that shape.

Woman Fat Plus Size Portuguese
luizgwyer / Pixabay

Go through your wardrobe and see what you have that are the types to complement your shapes, then go to the shops to try clothes but only try those that complement your shape.  

Something to keep in mind throughout it all is your style.

You could have a classic, bohemian or modern style, look at what you like and what suites you to create your style.  

It is a combination of colours and shape that suite in a style you love is how you really feel amazing about how you look.

What is your favourite outfit and why?

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Protein is important to both weight loss and wellbeing

Protein is an important way to help your weight loss, it is also a necessary nutrient for your general wellbeing.  Eating too much for long periods can cause issue but not eating enough can cause health problems.

I was talking to a woman about her diet, she said that because she was a vegetarian she could not eat protein. So untrue!

Protein is found in high quantities in meat, like beef, lamb and chicken or fish but it is also found in vegetarian foods.

Pulses and beans are a great source:

  • Baked beans
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Kidney beans
  • Butter beans
  • An so many more
Broccoli Soup Potato Bean Beans
10glassnails / Pixabay


  • runner beans
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms
  • And so many more

Some foods work well on their own but some should be eaten in combination.  Baked beans work better if eaten with rice.

Eggs are also a great source and very versatile.

Lentil Soup Lenses Stew Food
schlauschnacker / Pixabay

Soups and stews can be high in protein by adding meat, beans and vegetables.  Try adding Butter beans or kidney beans to your stew.

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How goals helped me to reach my ideal size

For years I wished I was “thin”.  I would diet, exercise and never reach my goal, because it was not a real goal.  Wishes are what we want, but we do not plan out how we are going to reach them.

I stopped looking at a diet and instead looked at what tasks I needed to do each day to reach my goal. Because I had so much weight to lose I would have lost momentum if I did not have milestones to reach along the way.

Think of it as a ladder, the goal is at the top of the ladder, each rung on the ladder is a milestone.  My goal size of a size 10 was at the top and each rung or milestone was a size closer towards it. 

Steps Stairs Up Staircase Stairway
Free-Photos / Pixabay

To get to a milestone I had lots of tasks to do, changes in my diet and exercise as well as work on how I thought about things.

I also had a physical goal, a dress I had made 20 years before while I was in my 20’s.  I never thought I would be able to wear that dress again. It hung on my wardrobe door.

Every milestone was celebrated, but not with food.  I would meet up with friends, go to a museum to see an exhibit that I wanted or book an event I would not usually have done.

By reaching a milestone I was one step closer to my goal.

Me wearing my goal dress
Me wearing my goal dress

Every few months I would put my goal dress up against me and one day, Christmas eve 2017 I tried it on. It fit!  So I wore it to the Christmas eve service at church, most people had not seen me since the summer and did not recognise me.  

I glowed not just from losing weight but from reaching my goal.