My Message

I was a size 26 and for years made plans for when I was “thin”. My goal of being “thin” seemed out of reach no matter the diet I tried or the amount of exercise I did.

By changing the way I thought, my actions changed and I am now a completely different person.

I live my life, and enjoy it!

You can too!

before weight loss and after losing 150 pounds

The hardest part of a journey:
– taking the first step
– keeping with it when the road gets bumpy
– adjusting course when then road is the wrong one

– Katherine Davison


In order to reach your goal you need to create a realistic and attainable goal and steps to get you there

Weight Stall

Shake up what you are doing to get out of the stall and back on track. Our 30 day program might help, small seeming unnoticeable changes can make a difference.


It is easy to stay the same or return to old habits, but if you want something bad enough you will make changes.

Do you want to reach your goal?


By concentrating on changes to increase your wellbeing you become happier and fitter than before.

Finally doing things you enjoy and have always wanted to do.

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